About NCAEP Committees

Committees are the cornerstone of the association, and play a vital role in its growth and development. The diverse voices of the members are brought together to propel the association forward. 

Emergency Response Committee

Help equine veterinarians in Northern California understand, participate, and contribute to constructing an organized approach to providing assistance for veterinary practitioners who have sustained a large scale emergency in their communities. This committee will work with established disaster response teams during deployments.

Events Committee

Responsible for the development of high-quality educational opportunities for equine veterinary professionals in Northern California. This committee will assist the NCAEP staff in scientific program input, identifying and contacting potential speakers for the various CE events, and will review and recommend action based on evaluations of NCAEP CE meetings.

Government Committee

Discuss and make recommendations on proposed legislation which may impact the aims and goals of NCAEP and the veterinary profession in California.

This committee will also monitor association compliance with NCAEP’s governing policies.

Marketing Committee

This committee will direct the NCAEP’s overall comprehensive marketing and communications strategy. Always striving to identify new and emerging ways to engage with the NCAEP membership, website content, engage in social media, and oversee public relations.

Partnership Committee

Responsible for establishing and maintaining lines of communication between the NCAEP and companies operating within the veterinary industry who wish to assist our organization in achieving its stated purposes and mission in Northern California.

Programs Committee

Maintain the NCAEP mentorship and UCD Veterinary Student Scholarship programs. This committee will also determine how the NCAEP might better meet the needs of upcoming and recent graduates.